Management of change

Management of change 3

No organisation is immune – the way we work is changing, sometimes on a weekly or even daily basis. Our own research reveals that almost every manager in the UK has gone through some kind of organisational change over the last year. Yet less than a third of them believe their senior managers have managed that change well. As a result they begin to disengage.

The biggest challenge you face is not simply effecting change within your organisation. It is also crucial to promote the reasons for it. Only by providing them with the right skill sets and new behaviours today can you help steer organisational change to a successful conclusion tomorrow.

Our practical solutions will help you create better performing teams who are able to manage change more effectively, while delivering the cost and process efficiencies your organisation demands. 

Our support includes:

1. More choice

Whether it’s a junior or senior manager who is managing and communicating information about change we offer a range of qualifications to suit your individual needs and requirements.

2. 24-hour, online support

ManagementDirect is our unique online, multi-media knowledge base, and one of our key support tools, with authoritative briefings and checklists to help anyone understand, plan and action any change initiative. It also allows your managers to create their own Learning Journeys, with practical examples of the opportunities and the challenges of effective change management - ideal for motivating anyone experiencing change, or managing it.

3. Individual attention

We also offer your leaders one-to-one coaching with a specialist in change management. This is particularly effective for anyone involved in large-scale change projects. Participants can also use it to move on to achieve Chartered Manager status, which demonstrates they have managed and led change within your organisation.

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