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CMI's response to the Government Announcement on HE Reform

Thursday 24 February 2022

In response to the Government's announcement on HE reform, Daisy Hooper, Head of Policy at Chartered Management Institute:

If we are to meet the country's future economic, environmental and social needs it is essential that the UK increases the number of highly skilled workers in our workforce - not least the number of formally skilled managers and leaders.

Achieving this requires ensuring fair and equitable access to higher education for those with the motivation and potential to succeed across all ages.

CMI is concerned about creating artificial barriers to higher education, such as through minimum entry requirements, which will disproportionately affect those from less well off backgrounds.

However, overall we welcome the introduction of the lifelong loan entitlement - and, along with the Levelling Up white paper, all ongoing commitment to the future of higher education and wider further education and skills support.

Going forward it is essential that close attention is paid to the impact of these changes on non-traditional learners and on the ability of higher education institutions and Further Education Colleges to play a meaningful role in boosting the capabilities and productivity of their local regions."

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