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CMI responds to West Midlands Combined Authority Employment and Skills Strategy 2024-2027

Thursday 29 February 2024

The CMI is pleased to see skilled management and leadership placed at the core of the West Midlands Combined Authority’s newly launched Employment and Skills Strategy.

CMI’s analysis of the labour market in the West Midlands revealed that despite being the 7th largest contributor to the UK economy, the West Midlands faced challenges in inclusivity, productivity and skills, where effective management and leadership were crucial to resolving.

Ensuring that structured management and leadership training are a central focus of the skills plan will not only be crucial for career progression and boosting regional productivity, but will also acknowledge the significance of enhancing the accessibility of leadership and management training. This is especially important for underrepresented groups and individuals in low-paid, insecure employment, where such training can result in better employment prospects.

Anthony Painter, Director of External Affairs at CMI, said:

Effective management and leadership form the bedrock of economic advancement, productivity enhancement, and fostering inclusive workplaces and we are very pleased to see CMI’s detailed analysis of management needs across the West Midlands economy reflected in this mature and thoughtful skills plan.

Leveraging our distinctive role as the chartered body for management and leadership, our aim is to collaborate with local businesses, educational institutions, and policymakers to elevate skill sets, foster diversity, and drive productivity gains across the West Midlands.

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Plan for Growth: the West Midlands Combined Authority has identified eight economic cluster areas in the region featuring businesses with high growth potential, including manufacturing of electrical vehicles; health-tech and med-tech; aerospace; logistics and distribution; professional and financial services; creative content production, such as gaming; manufacturing of future housing; plus modern and low carbon utilities. CMI’s press release available here.

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