The golf-bag leader

James Boag CMgr MCMI

Operations and Project Manager, Shield Therapeutics


Meet the Chartered Managers

Thousands of managers at all levels and across all sectors have achieved Chartered Manager.

This month, James Boag CMgr MCMI, Operations and Project Manager, Shield Therapeutics, talks about why he became Chartered, how it's benefited his career and how it's helped to boost his organisation's performance.

Why Chartered Managers are good for business

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Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be achieved in the management profession. Awarded only by CMI, it's recognised and valued across all sectors. Chartered Managers' satisfaction with the accreditation is remarkably high - giving a net promoter score of +67 (CMI, March 2015).


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The impact of chartered manager


A Chartered Managers average added value to their organisation.

Better managers...

96% use Chartered Manager as proof of leading people & managing change.

Achieving results

73% Exceeding targets. 86% improving operations. 80% new product development.

Confident leaders

96% use Chartered Manager to showcase their continual learning & growth.

Excelling managers...

83% say they are better managers after achieving Chartered status.

Positive leaders

92% report greater self-awareness.

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Dr Surbjit Kaur CMgr FCMI

Senior Manager in Advisory Services, EY

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Laura Beswick CMgr MCMI

Head of Professional Services Apprenticeships, BPP

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Andrew Robins

Andrew Robins CMgr MCMI

Head of Engineering at Twiflex

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Sarah Bradbury

Sarah Bradbury CMgr MCMI

Chief Operations Officer at Winmark

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Richard Kirk

Richard Kirk CMgr MCMI

Regional Director at Institution of Civil Engineers

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Reetu Kansal

Reetu Kansal CMgr MCMI

Head of Partners and Institutions Assurance at University of London International Programmes

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Emily Smith

Emily Smith CMgr MCMI

Programme Manager, Institute of Food Research

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Sunny Dhadley

Sunny Dhadley CMgr MCMI

Director, The Recovery Foundation

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Michael Brearey

Michael Brearey CMgr FCMI

Commercial Director, RDF Building Services

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