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Power at Work

Join us for this event and find out how to power up your career and unleash your full potential.

21st January 2020

digital devices on a desktop

Transforming Leadership

The talk will explore how people and society are affected by the digital revolution, whilst assessing how new forms of leadership are required to manage the challenges that the virtual world throws at businesses and organisations.

11th February 2020

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Workplace Vision 2020 - adapting to the changing world of work

The world of work is changing and employers and organisations need to adapt. An informative and engaging session highlighting how to react to these challenges to improve business performance.

26th February 2020

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Mentoring and Coaching

This popular interactive workshop is for consultants, advisers and managers wishing to improve their mentoring and coaching skills in order to support their clients and/or colleagues more effectively, and to decide which activity is appropriate in a given situation.

23rd March 2020