CMI Awards of Excellence

Celebrating outstanding achievement.

CMI Awards of Excellence recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals who are making a positive impact on their course, in the workplace, or other management and leadership settings to advance themselves, their organisation and the community around them.

2021 Shortlists announced

The shortlists for our Awards of Excellence are now available to view. Please visit the individual award category pages, listed below, for a list of the shortlisted nominees.

Awards of Excellence categories:

Apprentice of the Year

The CMI Apprentice of the Year award acknowledges the outstanding achievements of an apprentice who has successfully applied their learning in the workplace to the advance themselves, their organisation and the community around them.

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Student of the Year

The CMI Student of the Year award is given to an exceptional learner who has demonstrated a positive impact on their own professional development and academic studies through effective application of the theory they’ve learned.

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Submissions have been received from all of our education and training partners to acknowledge the achievements of their learners, apprentices and student communities.

Winners receive an official CMI certificate of commendation and are automatically nominated by CMI for Regional Apprentice and Regional Student Awards, which will be judged on an annual basis by the relevant CMI Regional Board. Regional Champions will then have the opportunity to be considered for national awards, raising their profile countrywide.

CMI Awards can be issued to individuals by:

  • Programme of study
  • Intake
  • Cohort
  • End of year of study (if taking a multi-year course)

Make a Nomination.

Those nominated should demonstrate at least one (or more) of the following:

  • A high level of progression on their programme and a consistent display of commitment to their own personal and professional development.
  • Outstanding academic achievement.
  • Management or leadership capabilities that are already making a positive impact on their employer, peers or institution.
  • Practical application of apprenticeship standards or course content within employment or extra-curricular activities.
  • Active participation with CMI and its wider membership community.

Only one student, per cohort, per course can be nominated each year (for example, one year two student from Business Studies and one year two student from Marketing etc.) Each year runs from the 1st September to 31st August.

More information on the competition process is available in our Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

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