Qualifications for members of the Armed Forces

We provide a range of accreditation solutions, which both shape high quality leaders within the Armed Forces and act as a means of translating skills for civilian employers later on.

Our experience of providing accreditation for the Armed Forces training and development programme is extensive. CMI qualifications in both Management & Leadership and Coaching & Mentoring are the qualification of choice for many in the Armed Forces. Its unique status means a CMI qualification is recognised as the gold standard by civilian employers both in the UK and overseas.

We provide the opportunity for Armed Forces personnel to register for qualifications that are accredited directly to career development courses and some coaching and mentoring courses. Our qualifications are a great way of evidencing your command and leadership skills throughout your career progression in the Armed Forces as well as benchmarking the practical application of your skills against civilian management requirements enhancing your employability and boosting your earning potential.

By taking a CMI qualification you’ll also receive a year’s free membership and access to extensive online professional and career development tools, together with our magazine Professional Manager, networking and mentoring opportunities and the opportunity to achieve the coveted Chartered Manager award.

The Refreshed CMI MOD Offer

Learners now have two options for CMI certification: if your existing certificate meets our professional standards your qualification will be endorsed by CMI or there will be an option for you to undertake additional assessments to achieve a CMI qualification.

Current and completed learners will still be able to apply for the old CMI offer until 28th February 2021, thereafter everyone will be eligible for the new offer.

If you have any queries, or would like to get in touch, please contact mod.qualifications@managers.org.uk

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