November 2015

Dear Member,

We are already half way through our business year and I am pleased to tell you that registrations are already up by 6% on the last year and we've already helped over 16,000 aspiring and career managers develop and qualify their management and leadership skills. 

Tomorrow we launch the new Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship at the House of Commons. But we're not stopping there. We're looking to develop this further with a wider set of apprenticeships. In order to make this happen Government is seeking further employer support via an online consultation.

We continue to improve as we listen to your suggestions and encouragement. I'm pleased to announce that demand is strong for our new level 4 NVQ apprentice qualification and for your endorsement we can provide bespoke training through Recognised Programmes. You may also have noticed that we have simplified access to all our website resources, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. To help navigate around the new pages we have produced a video, see more in the story below.

Elsewhere you’ll find details of our latest free member webinar, our latest session focuses on how to lead and coach remote workers, please feel free to share this with your learners. You can also find out more about Richard Kirk CMgr MCMI in the latest instalment of our “Meet the Chartered Manager” series and details of the final 25 books shortlisted for the CMI Management Book of the Year.

There will be more to tell you through the coming months, in the meantime, please keep sending us your thoughts and suggestions which we will develop to strengthen our partnership.

Best Wishes,
Steve Heappey CMgr FCMI
Director of Qualifications and Service Delivery  

The new education providers online portal is now open!

Following your feedback, we've taken steps to improve the look, feel and functionality of the Education Providers area of the CMI website. The new pages offer easier access to the resources you need to deliver CMI programmes, as well as new material and support to help you win more business.
Take a look at our video online for a tour of the new pages... click here to view.

Management and leadership apprenticeships - at all levels - your support is needed!

CMI is now working with an employer group to develop a much wider range of management apprenticeships from team leader through to middle and senior managers (Levels 3, 4 and 5). The new trailblazer apprenticeships will include professional qualifications. It is these apprenticeships that Government is seeking further employer support via an online consultation, deadline of 13 November. 

Target new business

Recognised Programmes
Offer your learners the CMI stamp of approval. Contact the customer service team for more information.

External Assessment
Speed things up with our external assessment service.

Customised ManagementDirect
Personalise your learner experience.

Marketing support 
Take a look at the marketing material available online.

Chartered Manager Assessment Centre 
Differentiate your offer to your clients.

Learning Resources
Materials to support our qualifications.

WEBINAR: How to effectively lead and coach remote employees

Are you or your learners able to effectively manage remote employees and not only ensure performance, but also engagement? 

Join presenter Lynne Copp on 27 November for our live webinar. Learn how to apply the skills of coaching and leadership to better manage remote teams as well as how to: 
Ensure your staff are fully engaged

  • Coach employees for high performance
  • Be a great leader and create followership

You're very welcome to encourage your learners to attend this free webinar. 
To book your free place click here.

The impact of Chartered Manager

Thousands of managers at all levels and across all sectors have achieved Chartered Manager. 

This month, hear from Richard Kirk CMgr MCMI, Regional Director at Institution of Civil Engineers, as he talks about why he became Chartered, how it's benefited his career and how it's helped to boost his organisation's performance.

Assessor & IQA Qualifications - Extension

Earlier this year we wrote to Centres notifying them that we intend to withdraw some of the Assessor and Internal Quality Assurance qualifications due to low uptake.

However, we have listened to your recent feedback and it is clear that there is a demand for these qualifications, so we have decided to extend these qualifications until December 2016, in line with other QA qualifications.

If you have already got approval for any these qualifications, there is nothing you need to do as your approval will continue.

For information on CMI’s Quality Assurance qualifications please click here.

NEW! SCQF Qualifications launching soons

In November 2015 we will be launching our new SCQF qualifications, to replace those already offered at CMI Centres.

These new qualifications have been developed to align with other UK frameworks, and are aimed at providing more opportunities for learners to develop at the pace they want, with the introduction of the new smaller Diplomas at SCQF Level 8 & 11 and the rebranding of the Extended Diplomas.

Also new for the SCQF qualifications are the introduction of the Good Practice guides, an optional tool for Centres and Learners to use to support delivery and assessment of their qualifications, as well as CMI Assignment Briefs.

  CMI Code Qualification Title SQA Accreditation Code Credits Replaced Qualification
SCQF Level 6 S6A1V1 CMI SCQF Level 6 Award in First Line Management R45404 6 S6A1
S6C1V1 CMI SCQF Level 6 Certificate in First Line Management R45504 13 S6C1
S6D1V1 CMI SCQF Level 6 Diploma in First Line Management R45604 37 S6D1
SCQF Level 8 S8A1V1 CMI SCQF Level 8 Award in Management and Leadership R45704 6 S8A1
S8C1V1 CMI SCQF Level 8 Certificate in Management and Leadership R45804 13 S8C1
S8D1V1 CMI SCQF Level 8 Diploma in Management and Leadership R45904 38 -
S8XD1V1 CMI SCQF Level 8 Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership R46004 62 S8D1

SCQF Level 11

S11A1V1 CMI SCQF Level 11 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership R46104 6 S11A1
S11C1V1 CMI SCQF Level 11 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership R46204 13 S11C1
S11D1V1 CMI SCQF Level 11 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership R46304 39 -
S11XD1V1 CMI SCQF Level 11 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership R46404 62 S11D1

Further information will be sent to Centres directly, but if you have any queries about these qualifications please feel free to contact your Customer Relationship Executive on 01536 207496 or via qualifications@managers.org.uk.

Professional Manager

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Expired Qualifications

The following qualifications have expired or are due to expire for registration in the coming months. Please keep note of the last certification date, as it is important to ensure all work is assessed and verified before this date:

CMI Code Accreditation Code Qualification Title Last Reg Date Last Cert Date
3D22 600/0611/0 CMI Level 3 Diploma in Commissioning, Procurement and Contracting for Care Services (QCF) 31/10/2015 31/10/2018
5D22 600/0449/6 CMI Level 5 Diploma In Commissioning, procurement and contracting for Care Services (QCF) 31/10/2015 31/10/2018
7D22 600/0501/4 CMI Level 7 Diploma in Commissioning, Procurement and Contracting for Care Services (QCF) 31/10/2015 31/10/2018
5D24a 600/1059/9 CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services (England) (QCF) Children & Young People’s Residential Management Route 31/01/2016 31/01/2019
5D24b CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services England (QCF) Children & Young People’s  Management Route
5D24c CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services England (QCF) Adults Residential Management Route
5D24d CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services England (QCF) Adults Management Route

Withdrawn Qualifications

The following qualifications have been withdrawn for some time, and their last certification date is approaching. Please ensure that any current learners on these qualifications have been assessed, internally verified and signed off by CMI – after this date CMI will not be able to certificate learners on these qualifications.

CMI Code Qualification Title Last Cert Date
SDM CMI Diploma in Management (SCQF Level 9 Credit Points 81) 30/11/2015
SILDM CMI Introductory Diploma in Management (SCQF Level 8 Credit Points 16) 30/11/2015
SCM CMI Certificate in Management (SCQF Level 7 Credit Points 64) 30/11/2015
SCTL CMI Certificate in Team Leading (SCQF Level 5 Credit Points 40) 30/11/2015
SILCM CMI Introductory Certificate in Management (SCQF Level 6 Credit Points 11) 30/11/2015
SILTL CMI Introductory Certificate in Team Leading (SCQF Level 5 Credit Points 11) 30/11/2015
SDPSL CMI Diploma in Public Service Leadership (SCQF Level 9 Credit Points 88) 30/11/2015
SEDM CMI Executive Diploma in Management (SCQF Level 11 Credit Points 103) 30/11/2015
SEDSM CMI Executive Diploma in Strategic Management (SCQF Level 11 Credit Points 45) 30/11/2015
SILEDM CMI Introductory Executive Diploma in Management (SCQF Level 10 Credit Points 16) 30/11/2015

If you find you have any issues meeting this deadline, please speak to your Quality Manager as soon as possible.

CMI Management Book of the Year Shortlist

Self-awareness and an analytical mindset are the key ingredients of a successful career in management, according to the shortlist for this year’s Management Book of the Year.

25 books have made the ‘Management Gold’ final shortlist of books after being whittled down from a record 170 entries.

You can see the full shortlist here, or follow all the competition news on Twitter at #ManagementGold.

Book club: See what's new for November

Every month the Book Club brings you the best titles in management and leadership. 
This month our chosen Bestseller is Bringing strategy back and our Management challenge book, Governance of IT receives a 5 star review from member Jacqui Hogan.
We also feature Guest reviewer Jackie Le Fevre who introduces her book of choiceDrive and the Editors choice this month isGood strategy bad strategy.

Take a look and see what’s new or join our LinkedIn group for the latest reviews.