Annual Midlands Conference 2017.

Managing in Uncertain Times.

At the Annual Midlands Conference 2017 we were joined by a variety of exciting speakers who discussed topics ranging from the Impact of Article 50 to How managers can motivate their staff in times of uncertainty.

Thank you to everyone who could join us and make this day a success, we do hope to see you again soon.

The Venue

The 2017 conference took place at the ICC in Birmingham on 28 April with over 150 in attendance.


Ann Francke - 2017 Midlands Conference

Ann Francke

Chief Executive, CMI
CMI thought leadership issues
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Paul Cadman - 2017 Midlands Conference

Paul Cadman

Political Advisor
Impact of Article 50 on business leaders and managers
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David Hyner - 2017 Midlands Conference

David Hyner

Director, Stretch Development Ltd
How managers can motivate their staff in times of uncertainty
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Dilshad Sheikh - 2017 Midlands Conference

Dilshad Sheikh

West Midlands Regional Board, CMI
How diversity and inclusion can support managers during uncertain times
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Melanie Richards - 2017 Midlands Conference

Melanie Richards

Vice Chair, KPMG
Inclusion and Diversity: An employer's perspective
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We'd like to thank all of our delegates, speakers and student ambassadors for joining us.

We look forward to welcoming you next year.