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Dealing with an absenteeism issue? Need a template for a strategic plan, or a checklist to cover your project?   

You’re just a click away from our extensive online knowledge resource, ManagementDirect, packed with best practice content on what’s top of your agenda right now.

ManagementDirect is packed with content, including:

  • E-learning modules; from developing a management style to the principles of project management
  • Leader videos; experts talk about overcoming real-life management issues
  • Thinkers; summaries of the ideas of major theorists to help problem solving
  • Interactive scenarios; what decisions would you make on these management challenges?
  • Published articles; a database of articles from Professional Manager
  • Checklists; hundreds of practical tick lists of activities to ensure a best practice approach
  • E-journals; thousands of journals, publications and research documents offering latest industry insight
  • Document outlines and research summaries on key business initiatives such as devising a marketing plan

New features

A brilliant new feature is now available, that allows you to create and access ‘playlists’ of content on core management skills or topics.  Choose the topic of your choice and at your fingertips is a mini-course consisting of a range of content, from videos, checklists, e-learning modules and articles – all collected and collated to provide you with a coherent learning experience that can be completed in your own time.

The suite of e-learning content has also been increased to over 120 modules and 15 interactive scenarios. Feedback from users shows a demand in this method of learning, so we’ve increased the content by ten-fold.


Our CPD offers a structured framework to improve and evidence professional development. All activities in ManagementDirect are automatically recorded in your CPD profile.

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