Beware proximity bias and record your Zoom calls: How to smash hybrid management

Written by Dave Waller Wednesday 03 July 2024
Samantha Brooker took part in a joint CMI/Timewise pilot programme on hybrid working. She quickly learned how she could improve: by eradicating biases and allowing her team members to see inside her process…
Samantha Brooker

As a mother and primary carer of two children, Samantha Brooker knew she couldn’t commit to regular days in the office. So when the time came to rebuild her career after the Covid-19 pandemic, she was actively seeking remote roles

She needed to save the “precious” two hours she’d otherwise waste on a daily commute into London; she wanted to spend them caring for her kids and walking the dog.


Want to know more?

CMI ran a project where hybrid working training workshops were delivered by Timewise to a small community of managers, and we evaluated the impact.

Here's what we found


“I wholly believe I wouldn’t have taken a hybrid role,” she says of her job search, which was reserved at first for fully remote posts only. 

Onboarding can be more difficult in a fully remote role, thought not impossible and I do wonder if a hybrid role would have made this easier. It's trickier to create moments to build personal relationships without talking about last night's TV and having those other little moments of getting to know people. It's important that we also create opportunities for people to casually ask for help picking up how things are done.”

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