Paws for thought: are pets at work good for productivity?

Written by CMI Insights Tuesday 07 May 2024
As a manager, sometimes you have to pull a rabbit out of the hat. But are you prepared when a team member literally does that on a video call? It’s time to talk pets at home and the productivity impact…
Cat paws on laptop

Many businesses have pet-friendly policies, with employees allowed to bring dogs into the office on certain days. Several studies have pointed to the stress-reducing effect of having pets allowed in the workplace.

 And for many hybrid and remote workers, a pet can stave off feelings of isolation. Pet ownership in the UK soared during the Covid-19 pandemic – peaking at a record high of 62% of households in 2022. 

 And now that many workers are settled into a permanent hybrid arrangement – and all workers have the right to request flexible working – we’re unlikely to see any decline in enthusiasm for pet ownership.

But while the mental health benefits of a furry friend are well established, are pets beneficial to productivity for remote workers?

We asked the CMI community this question via a LinkedIn poll, and had nearly 2,000 responses. Here’s what you said…

Join the debate on pets and WFH productivity


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