“Those letters prove I’m not afraid of hard work”

Written by Jo Watson CMgr Friday 22 May 2020
CMgr's make their presence felt in all sorts of places. Here's a surprising story from the entrepreneurial frontline...
Jo Watson CMgr

Most people working within their own businesses are having to tighten their belts right now. People are either panicking, pivoting or just playing the pandemic game the best they can until this is all over.

As much as I love the CMI, when I received the reminder that my membership renewal was coming up in April, I wasn’t exactly filled with excitement. Usually, I wouldn’t even think about the fee... but I’m not a manager in a big corporation that can absorb the cost. I’m a freelancer, and so I’m always very aware of every penny that is – and isn’t – in my bank account. I wondered if I could justify the cost at this strange time to mark my fourth year as a Chartered Manager (CMgr).

In all honesty, though, being a member of the CMI has been a massive boost to me as a freelancer. I never actually saw that coming, so I want to show my employed friends and peers how this helps me, and hopefully convince fellow freelancers to follow the same path - if it’s ever a possibility for them.

How being a CMgr helps a freelance business owner

Freelancing means I’ll work with different people on different projects from one day to the next. I have to work hard to project manage everything that’s happening within my business, and work out the most effective ways to be efficient with time, money and resources. Don’t even get me started on managing clients!

I’ve always been keen to build my business to be the most successful but enjoyable that it can be. For the last couple of years in particular, a really enjoyable way of working that’s both profitable and efficient use of my time is to work on-site with my clients at their premises. The idea is that I combine two beneficial services: writing the client’s copy so that it’s then discussed, edited and signed off in real time, and working with team members to informally train or mentor them as we work on projects collaboratively. Working this way gives my clients solid content and invaluable input from a professional copywriter that they can then implement in their own writing in the future.

While the popularity of those days on-site is partly down to reputation and results, I believe that much of why I’m invited to work with clients in this way is because of those lovely ‘CMgr’ letters after my name.

Those letters prove that I’m someone who’s committed to attaining a standard of excellence.

Those letters prove that I’m not afraid of hard work.

Those letters prove that as well as being a good copywriter, editor and trainer, I know what makes businesses thrive.

It’s killing me that I can’t work with clients in this way right now as a result of lockdown and social distancing - and I don’t just mean financially. I genuinely love those projects; getting to know teams, forming relationships, and serving as a key driver in the business to make sure that, come home-time, not only have we created some cracking content, but everyone has been given the boost in skills and confidence to carry on the good work by themselves on future projects.

While this offering from my business is on hold right now, I know that it’ll be back. And, when that time comes, I want to know that I’ll still have access to the ongoing learning, development and support from the CMI behind me; ready to help me push my clients further forward.

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