The Metaverse: It’s Time for Action

Written by Patrick O'Brien CMgr FCMI Tuesday 21 February 2023
“The Metaverse has the potential to be a disruptor”: Effective horizon scanning means being aware of upcoming trends. The Metaverse is a disruptive force coming ever closer – how will you harness it for your business?
Futuristic city

Snow Crash, written in 1992, was novelist Neal Stephenson’s futuristic depiction of how a  fledgling Internet could form. It was here that the term “Metaverse” was first floated, used to describe a computer-generated reality where people and things coexisted.

Talk to a few professionals who are knowledgeable about the Metaverse, however, and it’s likely you’ll discover that there’s not yet full clarity around this evolving concept. These uncertainties can leave many of us feeling vulnerable, which, in turn, can cause us to gloss over it and let it pass us by.

Despite what we might read, the value from the Metaverse may be less about technologies per se, and more about the human interactions it empowers. The Metaverse holds exciting possibilities to increase human connectivity across new, technologically enabled landscapes. The opportunities it affords to us are significant, effecting not only change in society and business, but in our personal lives. As a leader, this ought to jolt us into action.

What is this powerful “human” potential?

The pandemic has opened up our minds to the potential of technology – for example, through remote working – and fundamentally changed opinions about work, with many realising that a blended presence, both physical and virtual, might be closer to meeting their needs.

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