Your go-to resource for managing and leading through Brexit

As Britain enters the post-Brexit transition period, managers and leaders will need to adapt to change and face the new challenges that Brexit will bring to their workforce.

Managers will need to bring good leadership, reassurance and a steady flow of practical information that can give their teams the tools they need to succeed in the new post-Brexit era.

The CMI Brexit Hub is here to offer support, guidance and proactive solutions for managers and leaders who are facing challenges post-Brexit. As we enter this period of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to effectively manage and develop our teams.

Management and Leadership Brexit Resources

CMI’s Brexit Hub has been designed as a resource portal to help you navigate these new challenges to create business continuity and help you to manage change; calculate and manage risk; and communicate effectively with your teams.

The resources here are accessible to both CMI Members as well as our non-members. They draw on the key Brexit challenges our Members have outlined and offer insight and advice from industry leaders at the frontline of management.