Simon Clark shares how the ChMC award elevated his credibility and professional development as a digital technology consultant.

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Simon Clark is a partner with IBM Consulting responsible for digital and analytics across consulting, process, innovation and project delivery. He has over 25 years of experience in the implementation and management of strategic engagements and complex programmes.

With all that experience you might think he has nothing to prove.

But gaining the ChMC accreditation has meant a great deal to him, and he believes more digital technology
consultants like him should undertake the accreditation Simon said:

Obtaining the ChMC (Chartered Management Consultant) award has been a significant milestone in my career as a digital technology consultant. From a client perspective, the ChMC award provides an extra level of personal credibility.

One of the challenges we have faced at IBM Consulting, is that we are very well known for our technology, but we are not necessarily as well known for our consulting. The Chartered status does not just improve standards across the industry but also within already high achieving firms, like IBM, it can drive standards to an even higher level and attract new talent.

Simon said:

Internally, the ChMC award has driven healthy competition where we all want to be seen as Chartered professionals. We want to have that badge that says we have gone through the rigorous process to demonstrate the experience, capabilities and characteristics required to become a ChMC. This competition is beneficial to IBM as a whole because it drives our consultants to perform at their best and deliver the best possible results for our clients.

One of Chartered many benefits is that it gives the ChMC candidates the opportunity to reflect on their career, what they have achieved and where they want to take it to next.

Simon said:

Going through the process to become a ChMC provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my career and ensure that I am doing the right thing for my clients and IBM, by stepping back from the fast-pace of delivery and internal business challenges in order to sense-check that I am on the right track, and I am doing what is best for my clients.

Receiving the ChMC accreditation has been a highly valuable experience for me. Not only did it validate my approach, but it also provided clear development requirements, brought me closer to my goals, and reassured me of my relevance within the consultancy industry.

Being able to say that we are Chartered has not only affirmed what we do as consultants but also provided me with the reassurance that I can offer consultation services across both technical and digital business perspectives.

The ChMC certification is significant for consultants as it helps them advance in their field by providing a clear set of structures and requirements for their continued development. It ensures that they are progressing in the right direction and gives them a professional status that sets them apart from others, reaffirms what they have achieved, and helps them stay ahead in the market.

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