Case Study:

How I diagnosed my management strengths and weaknesses

Written by Annie Makoff-Clark Wednesday 10 August 2022
Young manager Frazer Lowrie is one of the pioneering users of CMI’s new Management Diagnostics tool. We asked him how his journey of discovery went. From what he said, you might want to try it too…
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At just 27, Frazer Lowrie, health, safety, environmental and quality manager at building and construction services firm Valley Group Ltd, has already got nine years of experience under his belt across the construction, manufacturing and engineering industries. But, as a health and safety professional, he’s acutely aware that his focus on protecting people – and the planet – won’t always make him popular. 

“Workplace safety isn’t about being liked. It’s about safe and efficient working practices, keeping staff safe and successful project delivery.”

That’s not to say the role involves always saying “no” to people, nor is it about telling people how to do their job. For Frazer, his remit is about supporting people to work safely and efficiently – but not to cut corners.

“People often think it’s one or the other – you can either work safely or work quickly, but not both. But I’m working on challenging this. Achieving this balance may take a bit longer, but ultimately, it ensures people are safe and it still gets the job done on time.”

I’m passionate about my personal development but I’ve always found it difficult to identify my own strengths

Want to learn what the Management Diagnostics tool told Frazer?


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