Case Study:

Turning on the talent tap

Written by Lee Payne CMgr MCMI Tuesday 03 October 2023
An influx of junior employees left this Chartered Manager needing to rethink their talent pipeline. This is how they got success flowing
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Staff and talent development pipelines are key to the success of modern organisations. Without a robust pipeline and process, companies risk significant competitive disadvantage.  

Organisations that prioritise talent development build a more skilled, motivated, engaged and adaptable workforce – it’s been found that retention rates are 34% higher in organisations that do so. They also deliver better products and service to customers. That’s not to mention how important effective talent development initiatives are for achieving the strategic goals of the organisation. 

This came into rapid focus for us at BJSS, a world-class business technology consultancy,  when the rapid growth of a new business unit left our junior engineers requiring additional support and advice around their training and progression opportunities. 

Prior to the new business unit being formed, BJSS tended to hire engineers who were already experienced in their field, which required a different way of working than bringing in graduates or early-career individuals and nurturing them through the ranks to become senior engineers.

It made us realise we needed more formalisation for our employees’ skills and talent development. We wanted to provide resources and opportunities to empower our employees to take ownership of their career trajectories. By developing their self-sufficiency in learning and encouraging them to set goals, they would be able to acquire new skills and take on challenges with confidence.

This prompted a redesign of our talent development pipeline – and, as we hoped, the new process has elicited additional investment in development from those who have engaged with it. 

This is how we did it.

Grand (Re)Design

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