“You continually have to reinvent yourself”

Friday 01 May 2020
Howard Tollit, a member of CMI's recent cohort to achieve ChMC status, speaks to us about the award.

For the recent edition of CMI’s magazine, we spoke to Howard Tollit, IBM UK, Global Business Services, who recently earned Chartered status for his management consultation work. Curious to know more about his motivations for pursuing this CMI accoldate, we reached out to him.

How did you first get started in management consultancy?

I originally trained as a landscape architect, which after six years resulted in me obtaining a Chartered qualification and membership of the Landscape Institute. I then spent three years working for Birmingham City Council’s architects’ department. Although I enjoyed the work, I began to feel that this wasn’t the long-term career for me, so I started an MBA at Warwick Business School. It was about this time that environmental issues first started to become prominent in business, and I thought there might be an opportunity to develop a career that linked my environmental experience with the wider business agenda. In 1990, I applied to join Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte’s newly formed environmental business unit, and my career in management consulting started there.

What do you enjoy about management consultancy?

The sheer variety of client industries, client issues and new developments. Consulting and the services we provide are constantly changing, so you continually have to reinvent yourself.

Why did you decide to become a Chartered Management Consultant?

The best consulting professionals are just that: very professional. However, consultants have never had a formal qualification that sets a high standard for our services. Chartered status for management consultants now does that.

What would you say to someone considering becoming Chartered?

Remember that clients will value knowing that the Chartered consultants they are employing are applying the highest standards to their work.

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