The three therapy skills that all managers need to master

Written by Beth Gault Wednesday 21 September 2022
If our future counsellors and therapists are studying management skills, what can managers learn from therapists to refine their practice? A leading workplace therapist explains why understanding behaviour and emotions is so key
A therapist listening to a man on a psychologist couch

The worlds of management and therapy are overlapping. Management has always had a touch of therapy about it but through the pandemic, managers have been encouraged to go further and dial up their empathy and listening skills. 

In parallel, more and more students on undergraduate-level mental health degrees now study CMI-accredited certificates in coaching and mentoring to become more skilled at developing their clients’ thinking. 

The two disciplines aren’t the same of course but, according to one of the UK’s leading workplace therapists, they share one key driver. “Ultimately, they’re both trying to maximise human potential, and there’s also something about encouraging personal and professional fulfilment,” says Rick Hughes, former deputy chair of the Association for Counselling at Work and former lead advisor: workplace for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

“Therapists might be trying to help people from perhaps a state of crisis or emotional pain to where they are enjoying life more, but managers also clearly want a happy workforce and they want them to feel fulfilled.” 

So if our future counsellors and therapists are perfecting their practice by learning about manager’s mentoring skills, we asked Rick what managers can learn from therapists in return.

Want to see what managers can learn from therapists?


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