Leading in the Covid-19 Crisis

Your resource portal for managing and leading your team through the Coronavirus crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has been and continues to be the ultimate test of management and leadership. In this extraordinarily stressful time, the value of great management and leadership is being demonstrated every day.

On this go-to portal, you’ll find the latest insights from CMI, alongside easy-to-find information to help you to manage yourself and your teams through uncertainty.

For our members, ManagementDirect is rich in content with tools, guidance and checklists to support workplace activity. Our Career Development Hub includes some great tools to boost your professional capabilities.

End Point Assessment partners will also find relative information on our EPA web page and in the CMI Partner Portal.

The Better Managers Manual

Managing the New Normal

The #BetterManagers Manual offers a practical guide to navigating the impacts of Covid-19 for managers and leaders.

To support managers and leaders as they navigate this crisis - both for themselves and for those they manage - we have assembled a set of tried-and-tested tools and resources brought together through five key themes: flexible working; crisis management; mental health and wellbeing; the new employment landscape; and good governance.

Download the manual

CMI Better Managers Briefing

Each week our CEO, Ann Francke OBE, will be delivering a CMI #BetterManagers Briefing webinar to support the CMI family and wider community. These will be an opportunity to share challenges and advice as we embark on this challenging journey together. View the current and past videos here.

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Tools, templates and top tips

We know that the current situation will bring new challenges to everyone, which is why we are highlighting the positive steps that we can all take to navigate and adapt through these changes. Take a look at the resources.

We want to ensure that you have the information you need to manage your teams and organisation during these challenging times, let us know.

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