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Building Resilience in a Changing World

Monday 11 April 2022

Should I stay or should I go? Are you equipped with the skills to deal with changing and challenging times? Watch this digital event for tips and techniques for building personal resilience in an ever-evolving world. To be resilient is to take action and find solutions to challenges that are present in life and at work. It’s all about building positive relationships which will allow you to adopt a healthier lifestyle, improve communication skills and develop stress management techniques, which are all important factors in developing resilience.

In this session...

David McLaughlin CMgr FCMI ChMC, will talk about how you can build resilience from within, and why this is important as it allows you to solve problems and manage difficult emotions. This event will give hints and tips on:

  • How resilience differs from other skills.
  • What factors contribute to building your personal resilience.
  • How good resilience can help you become a better manager and leader.

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