CMI Manifesto

Investing in management and leadership development has never been more timely

CMI’s Manifesto sets out our priorities for the next government.

The Brexit policies of the two main parties mean that, regardless of who forms the next government, uncertainty over our future relationship with the EU is set to continue. As we’ve seen in the past three years, this will cause damage to business confidence and lead to a cooling off of investment decisions.

Against this backdrop, the next government must use every lever available to maximise the UK’s productivity and weather a slow-growth future. Upskilling the UK's managers is a key way of generating tangible economic benefit.

CMI is calling on the next government to drive forward three key policy priorities:

  • Embed employability at every stage of UK Education
  • Drive-up management and leadership skills
  • Make the UK No.1 for Inclusive Workplaces

Read our manifesto for more information on these policies, and what benefits they would bring!

CMI Manifesto

To power the UK's success, it's time to eliminate the Accidental Manager

Watch our Chief Executive, Ann Francke, explain why she thinks that now is the time for the next government to transform management and leadership in the UK.

CMI's three asks are absolutely core to building a brighter future and a better managed Britain!

Ann Francke, CEO CMI

CMI Manifesto 2018

Poor management is estimated to cost the UK £84bn in lost productivity a year – £9bn more than the £75bn that the Institute for Fiscal Studies has estimated could be lost every year by 2030 if the UK left the single market.

As we prepare for Brexit, all parties must focus post-election on the need to build an internationally competitive economy based on a world-class skilled workforce.

CMI’s Management Manifesto sets out the imminent challenges and opportunities, identifying the courses of action for government, employers and CMI to collaborate on for the UK to flourish post-Brexit.