Employability Skills for Work-Ready Graduates

Nearly 80% of employers believe that current graduates do not arrive fully equipped with the skills they need to be work ready.

This was one of the startling findings from the CMI research recently carried out with employers into what the key employability skills are, and how graduates need to be able to evidence them. Nearly all of those employers agreed that there are 11 key skills that graduates need to excel in their roles and progress in their careers.

Are you up to speed with what those top skills are?

Work Ready Graduates

Building Employability Skills for a Hybrid World

This report sheds new light on the current landscape of employability skills for graduates. It brings together feedback from academics in Higher Education Institutions  (HEI), employers and undergraduate students.

Digital Event

Work Ready Graduates:
Building Employability Skills for a Hybrid World

Watch back on our digital event where Liz Spratt, Head of CMI’s Research and Insight Team discusses the findings of this key piece of research with our HEI partners; Dan Berger, Deputy Dean of Anglia Ruskin University and Professor Jillian Gordon, Director of Learning and Teaching at University of Glasgow. Matt Swarbrick, Director of Partnerships, explains what CMI is doing to help bridge the gap and provide students with all the tools they’ll need to be a candidate of choice and succeed as a future leader.

What can you find in the report

In response to the latest research with employers and students, CMI has improved its dual accredited degree partnership offering to enable HE Partners to ensure graduates not only have subject knowledge but also the key 11 employability skills, together with career development advice and self-management and well-being through Kooth and can further evidence this for employers.

95% of employers believe it would beneficial for graduates to undertake employability training
Only 18% of students are completely confident about how to write a CV and conduct an interview
97% of employers are looking for graduates with the 11 key employability skills