Everything you need to know about Glassdoor

Thursday 16 June 2016

The combination of social media, the internet and job-hunting has revamped the dynamics of recruitment and talent management.

As the name suggests, Glassdoor offers a transparent view to job seekers of the companies, industries and sectors they are most interested in.

Whether applicants are experienced practitioners with a packed CV, or a school leaver taking their first steps on the career ladder, the Glassdoor website and its accompanying app provide users with key insights on everything from the average salaries offered at a firm to the organisation’s culture and workforce happiness.

Like competing jobs websites such as Monster and, Glassdoor also has a job search facility that allows users to insert the job title or role they would like to view, and see what related jobs are available in their geographic area of choice.

The site also includes other popular features most notably, the ability to post and read reviews on employers, access to the average salaries for each position at a firm, and common, yet critical, interview questions.

Candidates can even see what companies look like through an array of photos. All of which is left by employees at companies anonymously.