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Better Work Culture

Thursday 04 March 2021

Microaggressions can affect people’s mental health and obstruct any efforts to create inclusive work environments.

According to CMI’s research, 1 in 10 managers are not confident to call out racial microaggressions at work. Confidence comes from listening and learning. It is the responsibility of managers to take ownership of their own personal development, but organisations should support this too. In this webinar we are joined by, diversity & equality experts, Dr Jummy Okoya, project lead for CMI’s Moving the Dial on Race, and Advita Patel, co-founder of A Leader Like Me.


In this digital event...

We will discuss why poor workplace culture might lead to too many women and people from diverse ethnic groups leaving organisations, rather than progressing into deserved senior management and leadership roles.

We will also be exploring how managers can challenge microaggressions online.

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