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CMI Race: Allyship

Tuesday 15 June 2021

From Shelter UK, this digital event will feature Sophia Smith (Anti-racism Steering Group Chair) as well as Clare Biggar and Lisa Smith (Ally Group members), who will talk about the progress the housing and homelessness charity is making towards its commitments. They will be joined by Reetu Kansal, CMI Race advisory committee member and co-founder of the University of London’s first Race Equality Group, who will be explaining her Allyship Toolkit featured in CMI’s Moving the Dial on Race practical guide on workplace inclusion.

This toolkit enables managers to build their own strategy and practice, and to embed allyship into their professional and personal environment. 

In this digital event...

Explore the concept of allyship, and discuss how people can work together on racial equity.

Learn from examples of what managers and leaders should stop, start and continue to do in order to make a real impact.

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