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Entrepreneurship in this New World

Monday 30 May 2022

‘I’m going to invest.’ A phrase popular on ‘Dragon’s Den’, one of today’s most prominent cultural representations of entrepreneurs.  Business owners regularly make decisions that involve risk. But an entrepreneur will actively negotiate with risk and achieve financial success as a result. Entrepreneurship therefore offers a vital means for small businesses to adapt in an ever-changing world of business.

We will demystify entrepreneurship and understand how to navigate risk and obtain your business goals. Learn from three inspirational individuals and pick up effective practical insights in the process.

In this digital event...

Discuss entrepreneurship from three perspectives:

  • Bob Keiller CBE will impart entrepreneurial methods, tools and techniques that transform business
  • Emily McGowan will share personal experiences of establishing a thriving business despite the pandemic
  • Chris Moule will highlight support available to unlock your potential as an aspiring entrepreneur

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