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New Year New Me: Part 3

Thursday 24 February 2022

Join Jess Edwards from SARSEN for a session exploring consciousness, self-awareness, and deep listening, with practitioner Scilla Elworthy: three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and expert in conflict resolution. This is the 3rd digital event in the 'New Year New Me' series.

Scilla Elworthy is a visionary peace builder. Her work facilitating dialogue between nuclear weapon policy makers and their critics earned her 3 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. She has advised Nelson Mandela, Peter Gabriel, Desmond Tutu and Richard Branson in the formation of The Elders. Recently, she published ‘A Business Plan for Peace’, and she teaches effective communication around the world through her Mighty Heart programme.

In this digital event...

Scilla’s deep listening practice has lessons for us all, from resolving conflicts at work, to challenges in your personal relationships and in your community.


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