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There is gold in the Welsh valleys – The future now

Monday 01 March 2021

This digital event is the first in our series of CMI Cymru/Wales events where you will have the opportunity to watch a panel of leading Welsh business experts. We will discuss the key issues in Wales, the challenges post-Brexit and, as the Covid-19 crisis continues, alignment with the Government to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit and ‘build back better’.
In this first event our panel of experts will discuss how Wales should position itself in the UK Government’s “Levelling Up” agenda, invest in skills and make the most of the talent pool available as one of the key pillars in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is the entrepreneurs that are the sources of innovation, productivity growth and employment.

In this session...

There must also be alignment with universities as catalysts, and other organisations supporting Welsh business to help the Government on a journey out of lockdown. We will build on this idea as the year unfolds with other areas of pivotal importance. How does Wales make the most of its domestic market, export markets and how does Wales get its fair share of funding and finance?
This event will focus on Leadership and the criticality of continuing to invest in the development of future leaders.

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