Management Development

Whether you are an employer seeking to improve your organisation’s management development or an individual aiming to enhance your personal development, CMI has the solution.

Benefits to an organisation

For over 60 years CMI has helped organisations perform better by improving their management capability. 

We do this by offering a range of learning and development solutions designed to meet the needs of all organisations - whether it be to tackle change, engage employees, improve line management or hold on to the most talented. 

We value our relationships with employers and strive to make a tangible difference to their performance, by providing:

  • Qualification-based training and accreditation
  • Tailored training
  • Online learning
  • The ultimate status in management, Chartered Manager

View our services now to learn how your organisation can develop better managers and overcome HR challenges.

Benefits of personal development

Invest in your personal development and start to reap the rewards. Over 100,000 managers use our services daily to make a difference in their contribution.

Practical help whenever you need it; tools and techniques to save time and stress; new ways to enhance your professional reputation; qualifications that show the world you mean business - that's what CMI is all about.

We'll help you get better informed, prove your worth, become more marketable and even achieve the ultimate status in management, Chartered Manager. 

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