Quality of Working Life

02 July 2012

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The latest report in the long-running Quality of Working Life research series explores the impact of organisational change and long working hours on management motivation and productivity. 

The research shows that change is becoming the norm – experienced by 92% of managers over the previous 12 months, driven mainly by cost-cutting – yet there is widespread dissatisfaction with how senior managers are leading change. Manager’s job satisfaction is found to have declined significantly since 2007. It finds that illness levels have increased, but managers are less likely to take time off when they are genuinely ill. While motivation and productivity are found to be strongly linked, the research shows that managers are concerned about the adverse effects of long hours.

This is the seventh in a series of CMI reports on the quality of managers’ working lives, which began in 1997. Members can find the full report in ManagementDirect. For further information about the Quality of Working Life series, or for copies of earlier editions, please contact the CMI research team – email [research@managers.org.uk].