Chartered Manager

Our mission is "to increase the number and standard of professionally qualified managers and leaders."

We're an organisation that is ambitious to achieve things for our members and employers.

We're ethically driven - and we still judge things by results.

We want people to understand all this when they see our brand.

The clearer our brand, the better people understand who we are, what we do and what is important to us. It's one more way to help us build relationships and grow in stature as an organisation.


Our brand logo is an important piece of intellectual property with rules to protect its usage. If you have permission to use our brand then please follow our guidelines.

You can download the Chartered Manager logo here:

Chartered Manager - Full Colour

Chartered Manager - Whiteout

Chartered Manager - Whiteout Inverted

How do I use the logo?

Our design guidelines provide detailed guidance on using the logo with clear examples.

Approval of the branded material must be given before going to print.

CMI members can receive the CMI logo and brand guidelines by emailing
CMI Approved Centres can receive the CMI logo and brand guidelines by emailing