Curriculum Enrichment HE


Enhancing your students’ experience.

What is it?

  • Exceptional services and resources which will enrich your curriculum
  • Availability of CMI Companions as a guest speaker at your events
  • Recognising your students’ academic and personal development through awards
  • Exclusive access to latest thought leadership so that you are always up to date with the latest trends in management.



  • The student Learning Environment enriched by links with professional practice - TEF compliant
  • Support to increase your student engagement and best learning experience
  • Facilitating links with CMI’s networks connecting you with industry leaders in your area to form relationships that will benefit your learners
  • Opportunities to put the theory into practice.


  • Understanding how the theory is applied in the workplace through embedded learning
  • Access to CMI’s members who have wealth of experience and practical knowledge which they are willing to offer to supplement your teaching.

*Faculty that teaches management within their programme.

Our engagement with CMI means that our programmes are based on a clear appreciation of the on-going strategic challenges that professional managers must be prepared to face up to. The mapping of our courses against CMI awards has created a number of terrific opportunities for our students to achieve appropriate professional recognition as they complete their academic studies.

Dr Gary Ramsden
Principal Lecturer (Enterprise) University of Lincoln.

*95% of our Partners say their partnership has a positive experience on students’ learning experience.

*HE Partner satisfaction Survey
CMI, June 2016

Nottingham Business School

Nottingham Business School - Case Study

CMI Dual Accredited Courses and the benefits of ManagementDirect.

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