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WiM East Midlands Group Meeting

WiM East Midlands Group are having discussion and planning activities of interest to both men and women who are keen to get involved and support the management and leadership potential of all women.

16 August 2014
Castle Donnington

Eastern Breakfast Meeting

What keeps you awake at night?

You are invited to attend a breakfast meeting to discuss the threats and opportunities for your business as we move out of recession into growth. Every attendee will leave with their own practical actions they can make a start on as soon as they get back to their desk!

03 September 2014

Breakfast Meeting

Breakfast Meeting: Enhancing Business Opportunities in Herefordshire

Do Leaders & Managers have the correct skill sets to deliver business efficiently?

Join us for this unique opportunity to attend an event to hear from three organisations who can provide the knowledge and support for effective business growth in Herefordshire.

04 September 2014
Ross on Wye

Introduction to Management

If you are new or about to embark into the role of manager and are also looking for a challenging course that will help progress your career and help you to move up the salary bracket then this two day course is for you.

In addition, you also have the option of gaining a nationally recognised management qualification by undertaking an additional day plus assignment.

08 September 2014

Young Managers Group

We are delighted to announce details for the next Young Managers Group event, continuing the energy from the event earlier in May.

09 September 2014


The Technology Of 24/7 And Remote Working - Management Trends Network

Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen a seismic shift in the availability of technological tools available to facilitate the world of working 24/7. Wherever and whenever we are working, we are faced with a dizzying array of options. For example, according to a recent Siemen’s study people are frustrated and overwhelmed by the tools for collaboration and team working.

10 September 2014
High Wycombe

Worklife Balance

Webinar Work Life Balance

Much discussed and rarely achieved in full, work-life balance is an elusive prize in modern professional culture. This is even more of a pressure for women. WiM has partnered with Suzanne Shields of Cognizant Ltd to provide some tops tips on how we can try and get a better balance.

15 September 2014

Organisation of the Future - flipping the odds for greater success

Rapid change requires companies to reorganize more frequently, more fundamentally, and faster than ever before. However, the odds for failure are high.

16 September 2014

Internal Coaching: The Inside Story

Join Katharine St John-Brooks, author of Internal coaching: The Inside Story to explore why internal coaching has become so popular as a way of developing organisations’ talent; the pros and cons of internal coaching compared with other approaches to leadership development, the rewards and challenges of being an internal coach; and how organisations can get the best bang for their buck if they decide to invest in a pool of internal coaches.

18 September 2014

Strategy and Business Development

This is a workshop for experienced consultants, advisers and business development managers looking for powerful thinking and facilitation methodologies that they can apply to help their clients resolve critical business matters.

22 September 2014