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21st Annual Networking Dinner & Presentation on "Pride and Prejudice, Borders & Beliefs"

Join us for the 21st Annual joint meeting and Networking Dinner. Enjoy a two course dinner followed by our after dinner speaker, Professor Mike Lewis from the University of Bath.

26 January 2017

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Mature Apprenticeships & Levy Funding

A discussion session for leaders and practitioners who want to explore how changes to funding through the new apprenticeship levy and trailblazer apprenticeships can support the skills development of their entire workforce.

27 January 2017


The Leadership Lifestyle - a CMI Cymru event

How can you cultivate a resilient and dynamic workforce that thrives in health, happiness and wellbeing?

01 February 2017

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Kent Masterclass

Bruce Carnegie-Brown, CMI's president-elect and Moneysupermarket chairman, will conduct this masterclass and Q & A focusing on the need for ethical management and managing larger firms in difficult times.

01 February 2017

Women in Management Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Presenting With Impact

Many people’s number one fear is Public Speaking (death being number two) – how would you like to learn some tips and tools from the NLP toolkit to help you lift your presentations to a new level?

02 February 2017

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Think Tough Using Your Thoughts to Build Resilience

CMI Cymru are pleased to be running a series of evening seminars on the subject of Digital Leadership in association with Monmouthshire County Council's Talent Lab.

03 February 2017

Achieving Success

Webinar: How to live in harmony with a busy and stressful career

Do you feel caught up in a ‘busy-cycle’? Is stress affecting your career, health, ability to focus or even your relationships? Too busy or no energy to work on the solution?
Imagine yourself... walking calmly through the chaos around you.

06 February 2017

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Design Thinking

Innovate for your customers, innovate with your customers
Do you truly understand your customers, their ultimate needs and wants? How do you make sure that your products are designed with users in mind?

08 February 2017

Growing Lightbulb

The Power of Positive Thinking - London Peer Learning Group

The people within an organisation are arguably the most important asset within a business, and having a positive outlook on life is probably one of the most powerful assets a person can have.

08 February 2017

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Mentoring for success

Panel event on the benefits of mentoring and the importance of trust.

09 February 2017
High Wycombe