North East, Yorkshire & Humberside

Are you a manager living or working in the North East, Yorkshire & Humberside area?

If so, why not become a part of our North East, Yorkshire & Humberside network, and interact with managers in your area using the dedicated discussion area below and attend some fantastic events throughout the year (open to all CMI members).


Meet your Regional Board Chair

Delroy Beverley CCMI

Delroy Beverly

Should you wish to contact Delroy, please e-mail

Board Members

Financial ChampionCarl Andrew MCMI
HE/FE Champion Mike Cox FCMI
Communications Champion Thelma Ford-Escobar CMgr MCMI
Communications Champion Margaret Inglesant
Networks Champion June Lancaster  CMgr MCMI
IC Champion Muhammed Musa
Events Champion Jonathan Oxley FCMI
Chartered Manager Champion Alexander Peach CMgr FCMI
Board Member Alan Johnston MCMI
Board Member Maria Harris CMgr FCMI