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CMI Scotland is the professional development and networking community for CMI members living and and/or working in Scotland. The CMI Scotland Board is made up of a diverse group of CMI members who volunteer their time and experience to support and represent the needs and interests of members in their area.

We welcome non-members to attend our events and activities to find out more about what CMI has to offer.

Welcome to the Chartered Management Institute - Scotland

Our passion is to bring the CMI mission to life in our nation by focusing on events that promote CMI’s vision of ‘better led and managed organisations’ and align to CMI’s Professional Standard.

We not only work closely with CMI at a national level, but also with our fellow Regional Boards to support professional development in management and leadership competencies as well as expanding the professional networks of our members.

To achieve this, we work tirelessly to ensure we organise events which are relevant to our membership, utilising a variety of media. In addition to this, we actively build effective links with industry partners, higher education and other professional bodies.

We look forward to working with and for you, and welcome you to one of our many events and as Chair, I would like to personally invite you to join our community by connecting with us on social media.

Renee Raper CMgr FCMI, Chair
Renee Raper CMgr FCMI, Chair

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