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CMI West Midlands & North West is the professional development and networking community for CMI members living and and/or working in WMNW. The CMI West Midlands & North West Regional Board is made up of a diverse group of CMI members who volunteer their time and experience to support and represent the needs and interests of members in their area.

We welcome non-members to attend our events and activities to find out more about what CMI has to offer.

Welcome to the Chartered Management Institute - West Midlands & North West

CMI West Midlands and North West facilitates and supports professional development and networking for CMI members who live and/or work in the West Midlands and North West. The volunteers who form the Regional Board are all members within the region and believe passionately in the vision, mission and values of CMI and the importance of excellent leadership and management for all individuals and organisations.

Our focus is on our regional members, however we work closely with the CMI executive team and with neighbouring Regional Boards to support members in their development of management and leadership competencies aligned to the CMI Professional Standard and in the growth of their professional networks.

We work with members to organise events relevant to them, share best practice and information using a range of media, and build links with other professional bodies, higher and further education institutions, employers and other community partners.

Myself and the Regional Board look forward to meeting you and working together as we continue to jointly shape the future of leadership and management excellence in the West Midlands and North West and as Chair, I would like to personally invite you to join our community by connecting with us on social media.

Nick Smith CMgr CCMI, Chair
Nick Smith CMgr CCMI, Chair

Our Previous Events

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