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Are you a manager living or working in the West Midlands?

If so, why not become a part of our network within the West Midlands, interact with managers in your area using the dedicated discussion area below and attend some fantastic events throughout the year (open to all CMI members).


Meet your Regional Board Chair

Andrea Pisoni

Andrea Pisoni CMgr MCMI

Andrea is a Services Business Executive in Rolls-Royce. He has more than 17 years’ experience in developing new products and technologies in the Aerospace sector, having worked both in Europe and USA for major aerospace companies.

Andrea has also joined a robotics company as Non-Executive Director.

He has an MBA from London Business School, is a Chartered Manager with CMI, a Fellow of the IET, a Fellow and RPP of the APM and an accredited Lean Sigma Black Belt.

Should you wish to contact Andrea, please e-mail CMIWestMidlandsChair@managers.org.uk or connect on LinkedIn.

Board Members

 Communications / Social Media Champion Andrew Amayo MCMI andrew.amayo@managers.org.uk
 Professional Bodies/HE Champion Colleen Bass FCMI colleen.bass@managers.org.uk
 Education Provider Champion Christopher Cooper CMgr FCMI


 Secretary Nadia Davies MCMI nadia.davies@managers.org.uk
 WiM Champion Sharon Frederick MCMI sharon.frederick@managers.org.uk
 Board Member Eric Hogg FCMI eric.hogg@managers.org.uk
 Financial / HE Champion Helen McArdle FCMI


 Events / HE Worcester Anita Pickering MCMI anita.pickering@managers.org.uk
 WiM Champion Sharon Walton CMgr FCMI sharon.walton@managers.org.uk
 IC Champion John Wells FIC FCMI john.wells@managers.org.uk
 Educations Provider Champion Claire Whitehead-Wall FCMI


West Midlands board members

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