Hundreds of ways to improve your career

These days there’s no such thing as an unqualified success. Getting the right management and leadership qualifications doesn’t just increase your performance. It will enhance your professional reputation and dramatically boost your career prospects. Yet our research shows that just 1 in 5 managers have any sort of recognised management qualification.

As the only awarding body that offers a range of qualifications for first line managers right up to CEO’s, we have a qualification that's exactly right for you. And as the only chartered body in management and leadership, taking a CMI qualification is not only highly recognisable in UK and Europe, the kudos around your achievement is unparalleled.

Qualifications at every level

The breadth and depth of our management and leadership qualification portfolio is unmatched. We have over 110 individual qualifications ranging from team leading, strategic management to coaching and mentoring to name a few.

CMI also has over 500 Centres delivering our qualifications so you can always find somewhere to study that’s convenient for you. 

A little study pays big dividends

Over 80% of managers we spoke to said that a CMI qualification is a key part of becoming a professional manager. And nearly all of them told us that transferring their new skills also improved the performance of their team.

Rated by the best employers

Getting a management qualification goes beyond increasing your professional recognition. Almost all managers we questioned said that employers were actively looking for recognised qualifications on their CVs. And many more told us that that their qualification had helped them get promoted.

Start achieving more today – find a qualification that is right for you.