Management Insights - CMI Research in 2015

Management and leadership is changing. Our research is about helping managers understand how – and showing what they can do about it. Last year’s landmark Management 2020 work found that the best-led organisations have a clear social purpose, a focus on their people and a commitment to develop the potential of the next generation – a three-part framework for success. So, this year our research builds on those themes.

With purpose in mind, we’ll be continuing our work on management ethics, exploring the effects of employee ownership. And we’ll look again at the thorny issue of management pay and performance. When it comes to people, we’ll be examining managers’ wellbeing. We’ll ask how to best promote diversity, and we’ll look at how leaders can build personal resilience. To help managers maximise potential, we’ll assess the impact of digital technology on management development and explore how coaching can help develop the next generation. And we’ll review how business schools can help small businesses grow, with a new inquiry kicking off this spring.

Taking Part

Every CMI member can contribute to our research by taking part in our periodic surveys. Beyond that, we’re always interested in hearing about organisations with examples of good practice related to our areas of interest. If you’d like to share your story as a case study – or if you’re interested in sponsoring CMI research – contact us. [email:]

The MoralDNA of Employee Owned Companies

The MoralDNA of Employee Owned Companies

This paper presents interim findings from an ongoing research project, with data from a survey of 829 employees - managers and non-managers alike - across 14 employee owned companies. It is unique in providing insights into companies owned through the employee trust model of ownership in particular.

CMgr report May 2015

Mapping Management Excellence - Evaluating the impact of Chartered Manager

In December 2014 and January 2015, CMI conducted a survey of 535 Chartered Managers to explore the impact of becoming Chartered on their professional development, on their career progression, and the benefits that it has delivered to their employers.

CEO Challenge 2015 Infographic

CEO Challenge 2015

Infographic: UK CEOs rate top business concerns of 2015

Find out what ‘hot button’ and strategic issues are causing the biggest headaches for UK CEOs, according to the findings of the CEO Challenge 2015 report produced by CMI and The Conference Board.


Winning Ideas - The Management Articles of the Year

CMI aims to bring the best research on management topics from leading universities and business schools to managers in the workplace. This is why we launched Management Articles of the Year in 2011, an annual competition open to academic researchers affiliated to a UK university.


Future Forecast 2015

Priorities and expectations for 2015 - The Future Forecast.
This paper is the latest in CMI’s Future Forecast series. This year, we surveyed a total of 1,253 CMI members across the UK during late October and early November 2014, spanning a wide range of economic sectors and managerial levels, from junior managers to CEOs.

The MoralDNA of Performance

The MoralDNA of Performance

In our first report earlier this year we concentrated on the behaviour and attitudes in individual leaders or managers. This report moves from a focus on the fish swimming in the tank to the tank itself: to explore the space in which people work, to see how well it serves them, their customers, and society itself.

Management 2020

Management 2020

In 2013, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management decided to investigate how management and leadership in the UK will need to change by 2020 to deliver sustainable economic growth.

21st Century Leaders

21st Century Leaders

In May 2013, research undertaken by the Association of Business Schools (ABS) showed that business schools play an important role in driving innovation and growth in the UK.

The Power of Role Models

The Power of Role Models

This is the latest in a series of papers published by CMI and the Women in Management network (WiM) as part of our ongoing drive to promote gender equality at work.