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Management and leadership is changing. Our research is about helping managers understand how – and what they can improve performance and productivity. Our landmark Management 2020 report found that top organisations have a clear social purpose, a focus on their people and develop the potential of the next generation. Our subsequent research builds on those themes.

From The Middle Management Lifeline, which exposes a trust gap between middle managers and their senior leaders, to The Age of Uncertainty, looking at how employers can better support 16-21 year olds as they prepare to enter the world work, you’ll find insights and practical recommendations for action across a range of topics.

Plus, take a look at our series of papers on the changing world of education and skills, highlighting the opportunities created by the new management and leadership Apprenticeships.

Taking Part

Every CMI member is invited to contribute to our research through periodic surveys. We’re always interested in hearing about examples of good management and leadership. If you’d like to share your story, or if you’re interested in sponsoring CMI research, please contact us. email:


Delivering Diversity

Supporting black and ethnic minority managers.


Future Forecast for 2017

The majority of UK managers are pessimistic about the UK’s economic prospects for 2017, yet remain resolutely positive about their own business, according to the annual Future Forecast from the Chartered Management Institute.

Good Leadership report cover

Good Leadership

Culture, ethics and conduct in financial services. The report includes data from a MoralDNA personality profiling of 24,000 financial services professionals, with new analysis revealing that managers rank in the bottom quarter of employees based on how likely they are to show the ‘ethic of care for others’ at work.

The Middle Manager Lifeline Report

The Middle Manager Lifeline

Trust and communications in the heart of your organisation.

An Age of Uncertainty

Age of Uncertainty

What can employers do today to develop the leadership and management talent of tomorrow?

Our survey of 1,510 16-21-year-olds reveals their aspirations to become the next generation of bosses and team leaders.

Read on to find out the challenges they face, and the steps employers and educators can take to equip young people with work-ready skills.

Gender Salary Survey 2016


Men 40% more likely than Women to be promoted in management roles


Skills First

Connecting employers, further education and training providers. This white paper is based on the insights, ideas and perspectives on directions in further education and training shared by the speakers at CMI’s Learning Provider Conference in London on 5 July 2016.

Bouncing back brochure

Bouncing Back: Leadership Lessons in Resilience

Unsupportive working cultures are leaving managers to struggle with the fall-out of workplace crises, according to new research. Most managers (94%) have faced crises during their career, but only half (55%) have handled them professionally, according to Bouncing Back: Leadership lessons in resilience.

Salary Survey 2016

National Management Salary Survey 2016

Underperforming managers still receive bonus pay-outs, according to the 2016 National Management Salary Survey published by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and XpertHR.