Get Chartered

Take your career to new levels of professionalism, job satisfaction and rewards

Your employability will immediately soar as you demonstrate your managerial competence and prove that you possess transferable managerial skills to the world.

You’ll also be joining a group of professionals who:

  • Add value – deliver up to £362,000 in added value to your organisation
  • Get results use your managerial skills to lead people and manage change
  • Innovate – create new product, service or market developments
  • Exceed targets – meet or beat your performance targets
  • Deliver improvements – initiate significant savings or performance improvements with new ways of working.
  • Work more confidently – be more confident in applying your skills and increase your self-awareness.

If you think you have what it takes to achieve chartered status, there are three routes available to you, depending on the time you have available

Routes to Chartered Manager

CMGR Experiential Route CMGR Qualified Route CMGR Exemption Route

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