Employee engagement

Employer Engagement 2

If a manager becomes disengaged with your organisation the chances are that they will leave as soon as they can. The Department for Business Innovation & Skills calculates that disengaged employees cost the UK economy as much as £64 billion every year.

That's why encouraging a sense of attachment makes so much business sense. Well trained managers will engage your employees better and create a more attractive environment to work in.

Our services include:

1. 24-hour, online support

Giving your team access to ManagementDirect, our unique online, multi-media knowledge base, is the cost effective, fast route to the latest thinking on employee engagement, effective communication, leadership development and hundreds of other vital managerial challenges.

2. Clear routes to success

Nearly all managers say that CMI qualifications are a key part of becoming a professional manager. And over 70% confirm that their qualifications have improved their team’s performance.

3. Quantifiable recognition

Accreditation for your in-house management programmes gives your managers a recognised qualification, proves that you believe in their ability and are willing to invest in their future with you.

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