Meet the Management Apprentices.
Olivia Smith, CMDA.

Developing business leaders at Unilever.

Leadership and management apprenticeships are paving the way for professional management. Discover how Unilever is benefitting from this new hands-on approach to developing leadership and management skills.

Unilever has embraced the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

Unilever is increasing productivity by championing apprenticeships and supporting the leaders of tomorrow.

Apprentices can benefit organisations of any size and in all sectors. Contact CMI to find out how leadership & management apprenticeships can help train and nurture your future leaders.

Why Train Apprentices?


of apprentices stay with the same employer.


of employers said apprenticeships improved quality and services.


is how much an average apprentice increases productivity per week

Apprentice's Perspective.

Earn-while-you-learn degree apprenticeships unlock a variety of professional development opportunities providing you with the transferable skills valued and recognised by employers. Watch Olivia's story to find out how she is benefiting from the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

You too can get the best of all worlds: full time salary, a degree, an apprenticeship and Chartered Manager status. Use our guide to learn how to apply for a management and leadership apprenticeship.

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