CMI's 75th Anniversary

Celebrating 75 years of the Chartered Management Institute

Join our celebrations as we bring together our Community, reflect and look forward to the future of leadership and recognise the outstanding managers and leaders making an impact today.

Looking to the future

CMI was founded in 1947 to help the UK recover from a devastating war. As we celebrate our 75th Anniversary, the challenges we face are different, but there is no doubt that concerted effort is needed to help economies around the world recover from the pandemic and other shocks we have experienced over the past decade.

Systemic exclusion, strained public services amidst an ageing society and environmental destruction will only become increasingly acute challenges.

Overcoming the barriers to modern management

Working with inspirational thought-leaders and our global network of over 170k managers, our 75th Anniversary project seeks to understand the barriers that stop diverse talent from progressing in the workplace, and identify the skills, behaviours and policies that managers need to know to tear these barriers down - and in the process, deliver the productivity boost which is crucial to our future prosperity.

Our conclusion: a relentless focus on genuine inclusion was central to a better economic and social future. We need a new plan, but a different type of plan. And that is what the ‘Everyone Economy’ is designed to address.


To support our 75th Anniversary research, we worked with inspirational thought-leaders, our Advisory Council and our global network of over 170k managers to understand the barriers that stop diverse talent from progressing in the workplace. Meet the contributors to the Everyone Economy Report, hear their stories and take a look at the supporting research.

Research into workplace diversity and inclusion

Using the following themes, we completed research to understand the barriers that remain to create fair, inclusive workplaces, and the practical steps leaders can take for positive action. View the discussion papers and supporting materials around each of the themes.

75th Anniversary Reports

The Workplace Inclusivity Illusion

When is an inclusive workplace not actually inclusive?

Read the report
The Everyone Economy

CMI’s plan for sharing work, opportunity and success.

More about the report

Roadshows coming this autumn

Join us throughout the Autumn at one of our Roadshow events across the UK, where we bring you the findings and outtakes from our latest research. Details being released soon, so keep an eye out for our upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Sharing Management Expertise

Management Expertise

CMI President Lord Mark Price heads up the 18-strong council, sitting alongside some of the UK’s most accomplished CEOs, entrepreneurs, peers, creatives, writers and broadcasters. Over the coming months, the council will conduct ‘deep dives’ into five key areas that the CMI believes need to be addressed if management and leadership opportunities are to be shared by all.

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