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Managers Voice is an exclusive Community of CMI managers representing the voice of UK management. The Community offers an opportunity to share thoughts through weekly polls, surveys and conversations on critical management issues.

By speaking directly to our online Community of managers and leaders, their opinions and feedback shape the support that CMI delivers to its members. Critically this ensures the voice and needs of professionally qualified managers are heard at a National level by Government, business leaders and key stakeholders.

On this page, you’ll find the latest findings from our Managers Voice surveys and polls, straight from our Managers Voice online Community. Along with quick links to our past research findings.

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Our Research

Our latest December 2021 Managers Voice polling sought to understand manager's views on flexible working practises and staff recruitment. The findings of our latest poll have been published by Bloomberg News and the article can be accessed here.

Top takeaways from our Managers Voice Survey.

Flexible working and remote working are on the rise:

  • 89% of managers say their organisation currently offers flexible working arrangements, before Covid-19 (March 2020) this figure was just 58%.
  • 77% of organisations now have a remote working policy in place - an increase from 44% before Covid-19.
  • 45% of managers say the number of staff using flexi-time* has increased since the pandemic.

*Flexi-time is when staff choose when to start and end work but works certain ‘core hours’, for example 10am to 4pm every day

Staff recruitment and retention is a current issue for organisations:

  • When comparing April 2021 and December 2021 and the same period in 2019, 45% of managers report their organisation is more likely to have more staff voluntarily leaving than fewer leaving voluntarily (16% of managers).
  • 89% of managers say their organisation currently has vacancies.
  • 55% of managers say finding new staff is harder than in comparison to a typical pre Covid year (e.g. 2019).


Covid-19 broke the workplace mould, here's how to fix it. We have used our research findings to bring together our Better Managers Manual.

Better Managers Roadmap


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