Shape the future 

Shape the future of management.

Your guide to CMI Companionship.

What is a Companion?

Companions have already made their mark. They are leaders who, throughout their careers, have managed successful organisations and demonstrated exceptional management skills.

By becoming a Companion of CMI they join an exclusive network of the most senior business leaders. They use their experience and influence to raise the standard of management and leadership in the UK and help shape the future of the profession.

Shape the future of management

CMI's mission is to increase the number and standard of professionally qualified managers and the Companions' programme reflects this with a range of events, projects and groups.

Companions' experience and knowledge of management and leadership is acknowledged to be of the highest calibre, so much of the activity is based around the philanthropic principle of sharing best practice.

Companions have the opportunity to represent CMI on influential panels and forums; advocate best practice with organisations by endorsing CMI; contribute to the development of the Companion's Programme and become a high-level coach and mentor to future leaders through our mentoring programme, CMI Mentoring.

How do I get involved?

Membership is by invitation only, to leaders who have demonstrated outstanding management achievement.

Members of an Independent Assessment Panel review the careers of senior managers to identify candidates, who are then assessed against an exacting set of criteria.

Existing Companions are welcome to advise the Panel, in confidence, of individuals who might be eligible for consideration. 

In the first instance, please contact Miranda Deards, Companions Manager or telephone 01536 207306.

CMI Companion Roundtable Events

I was excited to be invited to become a Companion, allowing me to contribute to the excellent work of the institute in raising the standards of management in the UK - surely what is at the heart of maintaining a productive work force and competitive economy.

Gideon Franklin
CMI Companion

Have you received an invitation to join the programme?

We would be delighted if you would accept by emailing Miranda Deards who will be able to provide you with any additional information you require.

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