Chartered Manager HE


Gold standard accreditation looked up to, across all sectors.

What is it?

  • The most prestigious status that can be achieved in the management profession
  • Awarded only by CMI, it’s recognised and valued across all sectors
  • Demonstrates managerial competence and functional ability
  • Provides recognition of professional management capability.



  • By offering your learners a preferential pathway to Chartered Manager you are giving them the edge in their career
  • You are adding tangible value to your courses
  • It demonstrates your commitment to providing your learners with the best opportunities for development available.


  • Chartered Managers are consistent high performers, committed to current best practice and ethical standards
  • Employers value Chartered Managers
  • Adding CMgr post-nominals after name and degree will make your learners stand out in today’s competitive job market
  • Benefiting from a CMI membership, and support in day-to-day life as a manager.

Your Leaders

  • Encouraging your staff to become Chartered Managers sets the highest of standards and drives a professional culture
  • Qualifications prove that managers have the skills and abilities needed to deliver results
  • Chartered Managers are good for business.

*Faculty that teaches management within their programmes.

£391,443 A Chartered Managers average added value to their organisation.
Achieving results 73% Exceeding target. 86% improving operations. 80% new product development.
Excelling managers 83% say they are better managers after achieving Chartered status.
Aiming High 41% of students are likely to continue their professional development to Chartered status.
Better managers 96% use Chartered Manager as proof of leading people and managing change.
Confident leaders 96% use Chartered Manager to showcase their continual learning and growth.
Positive leaders 92% report greater self-awareness.

Sarah Bradbury

Meet the Chartered Managers - Sarah Bradbury, CMgr, MCMI

Awarded Chartered Manager Status, August 2014.
Find out more about Sarah's journey.

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