Curriculum Enrichment HE


Enhancing your students’ experience.

What is it?

  • Exceptional services and resources which will enrich your curriculum
  • Availability of CMI Companions as a guest speaker at your events
  • Recognising your students’ academic and personal development through awards
  • Exclusive access to latest thought leadership so that you are always up to date with the latest trends in management.



  • The student Learning Environment enriched by links with professional practice - TEF compliant
  • Support to increase your student engagement and best learning experience
  • Facilitating links with CMI’s networks connecting you with industry leaders in your area to form relationships that will benefit your learners
  • Opportunities to put the theory into practice.

*Faculty that teaches management within their programme.


  • Understanding how the theory is applied in the workplace through embedded learning
  • Access to CMI’s members who have wealth of experience and practical knowledge which they are willing to offer to supplement your teaching.

Our engagement with CMI means that our programmes are based on a clear appreciation of the on-going strategic challenges that professional managers must be prepared to face up to. The mapping of our courses against CMI awards has created a number of terrific opportunities for our students to achieve appropriate professional recognition as they complete their academic studies.

Dr Gary Ramsden
Principal Lecturer (Enterprise) University of Lincoln.

*95% of our Partners say their partnership has a positive experience on students’ learning experience.

*HE Partner satisfaction Survey
CMI, June 2016

Nottingham Business School

Nottingham Business School - Case Study

CMI Dual Accredited Courses and the benefits of ManagementDirect.

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