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You know how valuable nationally recognised qualifications are to your organisation, so why not deliver ours?

Just imagine that performance management is a big issue for you. You could opt for a generic CMI qualification. But so much better to customise the training so it reflects your business objectives and uses the terminology that your staff are used to. CMI qualifications are flexible enough so you can design the delivery around your business strategy and sector terminology, helping put learning into practice.

Costs can quickly mount up if you frequently pay for managers to go on courses. Becoming a CMI Centre might make your training budget go further.

If that sounds like too much hassle, then think again. You’d be in good company, some of the UK’s best-known brands are CMI Centres.  They know it’s cost-effective and more closely matches their management needs. We can also provide you a dedicated Quality Manager, Customer Service Administrator and  Learning Resources to help guide you in the right direction.

Approval can be given in as little as three months.

Faster, cheaper, better. Now that’s worth knowing, isn’t it?

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To find out if becoming a CMI Centre is right for your organisation, contact us via email, or telephone on +44 (0) 1536 207373

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